The ‘naughtiest’ baby names according to new Australian research

Publish Date
Thursday, 27 July 2017, 11:34AM

Deciding on a name for your baby is never easy.

But if you want to avoid having a "naughty" child, then you may want to check out the lists below.

According to Yahoo7, Australian website School Stickers surveyed 58,000 children using their online reward books and whittled down the top 10 names of naughty kids for each gender...

‘Naughty’ boy names:

  1. Joseph
  2. Cameron
  3. William
  4. Jake
  5. Joshua
  6. Jamie
  7. Lewis
  8. Benjamin
  9. Ethan
  10. Luke

'Naughty' girl names:

  1. Ella
  2. Bethany
  3. Eleanor
  4. Olivia
  5. Laura
  6. Holly
  7. Courtney
  8. Amber
  9. Caitlin
  10. Jade