The secret to finding the perfect diet for your body type

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Thursday, 9 November 2017, 9:00AM
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If you're wanting to shift some extra weight and have tried every diet under the sun, the answer could lie in your reflection.

Indeed, according to one nutritionist and personal trainer, you can figure out which diet is perfect for your body type simply by looking in the mirror, reports the Daily Mail.

Thomas Eastham told Byrdie that every woman has one of three body types - endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph.

Thomas explained how to assess which category you fall into by looking into the mirror, and shared the ideal ratio of carbs, protein and fat you should be having with each meal depending on your body type.

Read on to find out which one you are - and how to balance your meals accordingly.


The body type:

Ectomorphs are generally thin and have a petite frame and small bone structure.

Their figure resembles that of an athlete and they can eat what they want without putting on weight thanks to their speedy metabolism and high carbohydrate tolerance.

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Celebrity examples: Karlie Kloss or Kate Moss.

The diet for you: Thomas recommends a high carb, moderate protein and low fat diet. He suggests a diet formula of 55 per cent carbs, 25 per cent protein, and 20 per cent fat.


The body type:

This type of body has a medium bone structure and athletic frame.

Because this type of person likes to work out they'll have plenty of lean mass with toned arms and legs.

Thomas explains that the figure is akin to wrestlers and gymnasts. 'Mesomorphs tend to be testosterone- and growth hormone-dominant, which means they have a predisposition for muscle gain and the maintenance of a lower body fat,' he explained.

Celebrity example: Misty Copeland.

The diet for you: A fairly mixed diet works well for this body type so stick to a formula of 40 per cent carbohydrate, 30 per cent protein, and 30 per cent fat.


The body type:

Ladies with this body have a larger bone structure with a higher body fat percentage.

These woman are also less active than the other body types and find it harder to burn off calories, instead storing their excess calorie intake as fat. They also find it harder to eat as many carbohydrates for this reason.

Celebrity example: Khloe Kardashian.

The diet for you: Endomorphs are less active so will use their fat as fuel. Therefore, Thomas recommends a diet of 25 per cent carbs, 35 per cent protein, and 40 per cent fat.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.