The 'surprising' new baby name trend taking off in Britain

Publish Date
Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 9:34AM

Game of Thrones has a pretty dedicated fanbase... so much so they're now starting to name their newborns after their favourite character.

Parents in England and Wales are 'surprisingly' taking inspiration from the hit series when choosing a moniker for their little ones.

The Office of National Statistics figures reveal the most popular name was influenced by Arya Stark, with 280 people calling their daughters Arya. Which makes the name just as common as Stacy and Jennie.

Furthermore, 68 baby girls were named Khaleesi, 11 were called Sansa and six children were given the name Daenerys in homage to the Mother of Dragons.

For boys, 30 babies were named after Theon Greyjoy, while Tyrion Lannister had 14 youngsters named after him.