There's a new eyebrow beauty trend massively dividing the internet!

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Thursday, 23 November 2017, 3:23PM

For some reason women just don't seem to be satisfied with fuller arched eyebrows anymore.

Yep, yet another brow trend has arrived.

Forget squiggle brows and braided brows.

Because there's now 'brow crowns'.

A post shared by Davison (@davisonvideo) on

A post shared by Davison (@davisonvideo) on

The brow crown is the creation of Sofie Petersen.

To create the look you simply gel your eyebrows into points and stick little gems at the peak of each one.

The eccentric regal new look is taking over Instagram's beauty feeds - and users are both loving and hating the brows!

We really hope this will be the end of crazy and weird eyebrow trends!