These 30 holiday inspired names are perfect for your Christmas baby

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 3:00PM
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December is just around the corner, and if you're a mother-to-be who is counting down the days until your baby arrives, there is always a chance that you could end up with an extra special gift come Christmas. 

So why not celebrate your bundle of love by giving them a moniker connected to this special time of year?

Here are 30 names for both boys and girls - along with their meanings thanks to Name Berry - that will see your little one filled with Yuletide joy all year round.

Christmas names for girls 

Angelica - “angel or angelic”

Belle - “beautiful”

Bianca - “white”

Carol - “free man”

Clara - “bright, clear”

Estelle - “star”

Eve - “life”

Holly - “holly”

Hope - “the virtue of hope”

Ivy - “ivy”

Joy - “the virtue of joy”

Lucia - “light”

Natalie - “birthday of the Lord”

Noelle - “Christmas”

Stella - “star”

Christmas names for boys

Casper - “treasurer”

Christian - “follower of Christ”

Emmanuel - “God with us”

Felix - “happy, fortunate”

Gabriel - “God is my strength”

Jack - “God is gracious”

Joseph - “Jehovah increases”

Juniper - “juniper tree”

Melchior - “city of the king”

Nicholas - “people of victory”

Noel - “Christmas”

North - “north”

Pax - “peaceful”

Pine - “pine tree”

Theodore - “gift of God”