These are the trendiest baby names that will be massive in 2018

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Thursday, 19 October 2017, 10:00AM
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The new year is just around the corner and for mothers expecting their little bundles of joy in 2018, now it a good time to start brainstorming names.


Earlier this year Baby Center revealed the top names of 2017, but now it's time to go one step further and reveal the list of what could possibly be the trendiest names for next year.

According to The Berry, we will be seeing A LOT of these 30 fashion-forward names in the not distant future.

Here are the popular 30 names for 2018 with their meanings thanks to Nameberry.

1. Ada

German, meaning 'noble, nobility'

2. Amara

Latin, 'grace or bitter'

3. Arabella

Latin, 'yielding to prayer'

4. Arya

Sanskrit, 'noble'

5. Asher

Hebrew, 'fortunate, blessed, happy one'

6. Atticus

Latin, 'from Attica'

7. Aurora

Latin, 'dawn'

8. Declan

Irish, 'man of prayer'

9. Ellie

English, 'bright shining one'

10. Ezra

Hebrew, 'help'

11. Felix

Latin, 'happy, fortunate'

12. Finn

Irish, 'fair or white'

13. Grayson

Grayson, 'the son of the bailiff'

14. Hazel

English, 'the hazelnut tree'

15. Isla

Spanish, 'island'

16. Jasper

Persian, 'bringer of treasure'

17. Kai

Hawaiian, 'sea'

18. Leo

Latin, 'lion'

19. Levi

Hebrew, 'joined, attached'

20. Lucy

English, 'light'

21. Maeve

Irish, 'she who intoxicates'

22. Mila

European, 'hard worker'

23. Nora

Irish, 'light'

24. Penelope

Greek, 'weaver'

25. Sebastian

Greek, 'person from ancient city of Sebasta'

26. Silas

English, 'wood, forest'

27. Stella

Latin, 'star'

28. Thea

Greek, 'goddess, godly'

29. Theodore

Greek, 'gift of God'

30. Xavier

Arabic, 'new house or bright