This brand new app from Breast Cancer Foundation NZ helps Kiwi women check for signs of breast cancer

Us women are taught that we should check ourselves for signs of breast cancer.

But if we're honest it can be hard to know how and how often we should actually be doing these checks.

That’s where Pre Check comes in.

Pre Check is a brand new app from the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and it shows users exactly what signs they are looking for and even sets up a reminder so that we don’t forget to do them.

Evangelia Henderson - the chief executive of Breast Cancer Foundation - says she hopes this new and potentially life-saving app will empower Kiwi women and give them "confidence to take control of their own breast health."

"We encourage everyone from the age of 20 to 'know your normal'," she says. "We urge women of breast-screening age to stay vigilant between mammograms, and younger women to be breast aware at all times. The beauty of Pre Check is that it puts vital information, quite literally, at people’s fingertips.

"Because it’s totally portable, you can check whenever and wherever it suits. It’s such a great way to be proactive with your breast health. And because it’s accessible to everyone, it transcends age, cultural background, income and education levels.

"Breast cancer is most treatable when it is found early, so early detection is your best protection. That’s why it’s vital to know the signs and 'know your normal' – and if you notice any changes, see your doctor immediately," she continues.

"If Pre Check encourages women to be more alert to breast changes and to see their doctors earlier, we believe it will save lives."

So how does it actually work?

The Pre Check app uses "visual, tactile and audio cues help you search for signs of breast cancer on-screen".

As you locate each of the nine signs, you are provided with more information on them.

There is also an "easy-to-follow visual guide" that will take you through how to self-check. Then, once you've got the how-to down, you can set up a reminder for future self-checks.

It’s easy as that! 

Click here to download the Pre Check app for free now on iOS and Android