This is how often you should change your bed sheets according to science

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Sunday, 9 July 2017, 1:32PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

If we could experience heaven on Earth, it would be the feeling of sliding into bed after there a new set of sheets and blankets have been placed upon your location of sleep. It's truly one of the most remarkable feelings in life!

For some, they don't experience it that often, others may be frequent visitors to the 'club new sheets'. We get it, the idea of tomorrow is what makes it difficult for some to experience it, the classic "I'll do it tomorrow", and oft underestimated time frame, so the real question is how often should you change your sheets?

Well microbiologists (a job title we would immediately listen to in the field of cleanliness) have revealed that should you not want to find yourself sleeping in a field of bacteria and fungus, then you should be changing your sheets ONCE A WEEK. Reports have shown that we would sweat just over 98kgs in our beds a year and bacteria just loves growing in those conditions.

BRB, just going to change our sheets...