This simple trick will get kids to leave when they're having fun minus the tantrums

Publish Date
Friday, 22 September 2017, 11:01AM

You're enjoying an afternoon at the park, watching your kids laughing, exploring their imagination and having fun.

But all of a sudden it's time leave...

Cue the tantrum and tears, right?


Thanks to a blog,, this simple yet powerful question will help you end play time without having to deal with a screaming child who doesn’t want to cooperate.

All you have to do is ask your child: "We have to go soon, what is the ONE last thing you’d like to do before we leave?"

This simple phrase not only empowers your child to take control and make a decision, but, more importantly, it also gives them enough time to process that they have to leave.

"When I started telling my daughter this phrase about 2 years ago, it took about a couple of weeks for her to grasp the meaning of it. But once she did, it was amazing – she stopped crying," blogger Carolina says.

"There have been times when she asks me if she can do two “last things” and if we have time, I’ll say yes but if we don’t I’ll remind her we have only time for one last activity.

"Once my child is done doing this activity, she is mentally and emotionally ready to go. She ends and we walk to the car without crying, without fighting and I get to drive away with my happy child."