This woman's 'Before & After' photos prove that happiness doesn't have a size

Publish Date
Friday, 27 October 2017, 8:32AM

There are far too many occasions that people let their body size dictate the way they feel and their confidence.  Some people go as far as thinking all their life problems will be solved if they reach what they think is “skinny” or their goal weight.

It becomes a vicious cycle to self-hate, but Ioana Chira (@ioana_fit) is trying to remind people with an Instagram post that size shouldn’t have anything to do with how good we’re feeling about ourselves. She knows this because she’s admitted that she is much happier at size 14 than she was at a size 10.

She was initially size 22 but realised if she wanted to make her dream of attending police academy come true she’d have to lose weight. After much “extreme dieting” she was at size10.

 Even though she was meant to be physically healthier, the diet was too strict causing her to become mentally unhealthy.

Chira hopes that by sharing her story, she’ll be able to guide and inspire many people who are in the same boat that she found herself in.