What does your morning routine say about you?

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Friday, 17 March 2017, 10:55AM
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Whether you spring out of bed before your alarm to go for a jog or snooze it until the last minute, everyone spends their mornings in their own unique way, the Daily Mail reports.

But did you know that your morning routine speaks volumes about your personality and how successful you'll be?

According to Suzy Ashworth, a mindset and marketing coach, there are set routines for each type of person. Take a look at these simple statements below to identify which routine is yours and what that says about you.

The early bird: You wake before 6am, work out and write a to-do list before anyone else is awake.

Getting up before everyone else allows you to set your day off on your terms - you'll feel more in control and less likely to be a 'shouty mum' or a 'frazzled partner' rushing about gathering your stuff for the commute / school run with your breakfast down your shirt.

By not hitting the snooze button, you won't start the day with a bad vibe. You're resourceful, proactive and focussed on having a good day. You're also a real perfectionist who is keen to succeed in life and will always be one step ahead of everyone else. 

The last-minute bird: You hit snooze at least ten times before 8am and you've not laid out your clothes for the day, packed your bag or laid out the school uniform. Your breakfast is al-desk-o. 

Whilst you're the kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-anything-goes kind of person, your mornings can indicate underlying anxiety and a lack of balance - especially if you're pulling late nights to catch up on work.

The organised chaos bird: You have organised chaos in the mornings where you cram your presentation notes via Siri on your morning commute.

Whilst this may work out well majority of the time, it's exhausting and can indicate sloppiness to an outsider. It can also mean a fear of success. By under preparing, you are subconsciously sabotaging your work and the way others see you.

The night bird: You prepare everything the night before so you're ready to hit the ground running and can afford to oversleep from time to time.

Organising your time the night before by laying out your clothes, sorting out the kids' PE bag and with a to do list ticked off shows that you are committed to making a punctual impression. Details and routine are super important to you but be careful not to be too rigid in your approach - it's OK to have an off day! 

- Daily Mail