Abby Christo - Shouldn't Be Doing This

Aotearoa’s very own country darling Abby Christo is back with her dreamy new feel-good single, ‘Shouldn’t Be Doing This’.

Heartfelt, hook-laden and wrapped in rhythm guitars, ‘Shouldn’t Be Doing This’ truly is country music at its finest.

Like breathing in warm country air, Abby’s sweet and emotive vocals bring the song’s story to life, as she delves into universal themes of whether to trust your head or your heart.

"The song is about falling for a cowboy who you know could break your heart," says Abby.

"But this particular cowboy is treating you right and seems to be an exception to the rule of all cowboys being bad boys. It’s about that battle in your own head: 'I know I shouldn’t be doing this.. I could get hurt'. And then also having the opposite thought: 'I can make my own decisions, and I want to do this.. so I will.'"

Thanks to NZ On Air.

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