Foley - What Got Into You

Aotearoa's favourite pop duo Foley are back with a captivating new single, 'What Got Into You'.

Multi-instrumentalists Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett – aka Foley – wrote the track in the earliest sessions for their brand new album, Crowd Pleaser.

"Unknown to us at the time, it really set the tone - chaotically creative and a try-everything-once kinda attitude," says Foley.

The bold and confident pop track interestingly focuses on the idea of rumours and their rapid escalation into chaos.

"One little whisper can circulate and cause a huge story to erupt, that does more damage than you ever expected. That swell to chaos happens quickly, even if someone didn’t have bad intentions and isn’t usually the type to gossip.

"'What Got Into You' explores an unravelling where a rumour gets away from you and takes on a life of its own."

Thanks to NZ On Air.

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