The Heart of Katherine - My Salvation

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 June 2014, 1:57PM

The Heart of Katherine is a musical project started by Marty Bryant in 2012. The name Katherine was inspired by a story of a busker in Summer Hill Sydney, who would sing and perform songs for his beloved wife Katherine who was unwell. A promise was made by Marty to the busker that any music he released would be under the name The Heart of Katherine.

After a year of writing and gigging, whilst traveling around Australia and Europe, an online pledge was started to fund the Ep. Donations came from all over the globe including Switzerland, Germany, France & America.

The Heart of Katherine EP was released earlier this year and is available from iTunes here.

The Heart of Katherine is now based in Wellington. The live line up includes Dave Carter (drums), Jim Denham, (bass) Damon Needham (guitar) and Marty Bryant (piano vocals).