Rate the Hits

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 March 2017, 10:58AM

We want you to help Rate the Hits we play on The Hits!

 Let us know what you think of our music - do you love it, hate it or are you sick of hearing it? Now is the chance to tell us what you think!

 All you need to do is sign up and give us your two cents, you could win a Sonos Beam from Noel Leeming! So what are you waiting for?

 Upgrade your lounge with the new Sonos Beam smart speaker available at Noel Leeming! With incredible sound quality and built-in Amazon Alexa software, your experience watching TV, gaming and streaming will never be the same.

 Lost your remote? Don’t sweat! You can control Sonos Beam with your voice or the Sonos app! The Sonos app is optimised for your listening; just tap night mode to reduce loud noises and enhance quiet ones. So you can finally enjoy a late night Netflix binge without waking the entire house!

 Get an immersive theatre-quality sound that fills the entire room, by wirelessly connecting Sonos rear speakers and sub to make your own wireless home theatre system.

 The Sonos Beam comes in a compact size of 65cm and is a smart soundbar that won’t block your TV or hang off furniture.