30 Bystanders Lift Taxi To Save Trapped Kiwi Woman

Publish Date
Sunday, 16 August 2015, 10:32AM

Video has emerged of a Kiwi lawyer being rescued from beneath a London cab by a crowd of bystanders who lifted the vehicle off the ground.

Claire Miller, 42, became trapped under the taxi in London's financial district on Tuesday.

She told London's Evening Standard that she was recovering from her injuries and she was "immensely grateful" to the bystanders who rushed to help her.

A video of the crowd working together to lift the taxi and rescue Ms Miller was posted on YouTube by an onlooker.

Ms Miller told the Evening Standard that she could not remember how she came to be under the cab and that her recollection of the accident and having the vehicle lifted off her was "a bit hazy at the moment".

Source- NZ Herald