4 Photos That Prove That The Melbourne Cup Is Still Just A Big Heels-Up

We look forward to it every year - photos of the carnage and the fallout from a full day partying and pretending to pay attention to some horses going around in circles.

Sure, this year there's no girl in the blue dress from 2015 but there's still a few great examples champagne breakfast-fuelled shenanigans floating around.

Some outlets, including news.com.au, reported that the 2016 atmosphere was, thankfully, more restrained than previous years. They noted a lack of the really ugly stuff - the vomiting in bushes and violence.

The overcast/occasionally drizzly weather may have played a part.

Seven people were arrested for being drunk, one in relation to assault and one in relation to trafficking a drug of dependence. Between police and security staff, 78 people were evicted.

- NZME & news.com.au