Bride forced to sell engagement ring: Stranger steps in to save the day

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 8:57AM

A mum trying to make ends meet has been overwhelmed by the kindness of a stranger.

Angelique Bankhart had fallen on hard times and was forced to sell her engagement ring online.

But Chloe Boerema bought it, then gave it back to her.

Boerema was scrolling through the Hamilton buy and sell page when she saw a post from a bride-to-be, who had made the heartbreaking decision to sell her engagement ring in order to keep a roof over her head.

Boerema said the post captioned: "My beautiful engagement ring is up for grabs, trying to make ends meet", broke her heart.

💔 This post broke my heart 💔 So I bought the ring... and gave it back to her.

A post shared by Chloe Boerema ( on

Boerema, a wedding celebrant by trade, told the Herald she couldn't bear the thought of someone having to sell their engagement ring in the lead up to their wedding.

"Working on a daily basis with couples, and seeing all the emotions that go into a piece of jewellery, I think that's what struck a chord with me and I really wanted to help."

She decided to comment on the post with an offer to buy the ring, but with the condition that the future bride kept the ring after payment.

"I messaged her saying, I was very happy to purchase it, but she had to keep the ring," said Boerema.

Bankhart was "completely overwhelmed" when she received the offer, but was hesitant to even check her Facebook messages as she didn't want to see the ring go.

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