Britomart Brawl Footage: Two Seriously Injured, Girl King Hit

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Monday, 21 March 2016, 7:27AM
Video / Facebook

Video / Facebook

Police are appealing for any video footage captured of a number of fights that broke out in downtown Auckland over the weekend, which left two young men seriously injured.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the circumstances of what is thought to be a large brawl and a number of other fights outside the ferry terminal in Quay St and outside the McDonald's restaurant near Britomart.

Emergency services were called to the area around 4.30am on Sunday. 


Two men, aged 18 and 24, were taken to Auckland City Hospital in a serious condition. They are now both in a stable condition, but remain in hospital.

Inspector Ross Barnaby said: "Footage that has been posted on social media paints a very poor picture of what took place last night.

"Yet again, alcohol is right in the middle of this.

"The alcohol-fuelled bravado depicted in the footage we have seen is utterly appalling. We have two men in hospital and anyone who sees that video will probably agree that we are lucky there are not more people seriously injured."

Officers could not reveal too many details as investigations were ongoing, he said.

"What we can say, though, is that we will look to identify where and when these people have been drinking and that includes licensed premises.

"Any licensed premises who have been serving intoxicated patrons could be prosecuted."

• Anyone with footage or info is urged to contact Auckland City Police: (09) 302 6557 or private message the videos to the Auckland Police Facebook page.

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