Driver Takes 'Kiwi Ingenuity' Too Far With Illegal Car Fix-Ups

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016, 12:32PM
Photo / Facebook / Cambride Police

Photo / Facebook / Cambride Police

A car has been found driving on New Zealand roads with a number of innovative, yet highly illegal and dangerous, modifications - including a cotton bud holding up the number plate.

The Kiwi ingenuity was found by Cambridge Police on a blue Mitsubishi driving in the region yesterday. The police station used its Facebook page to highlight the case.

"Every now and then in this wonderful job of policing we come across things that make you laugh and shake your head at the same time," the post said.

"Like this car we stopped today. Not only had it been previously pink-stickered for having a broken windscreen but it had some new modifications today."

Police shook their heads at the shattered windscreen and a cotton bud holding up the number plate. Photo / Facebook/Cambridge Police

Photo / Facebook/Cambridge Police

Photos of the car show a home-made jump-starter kit stuck on its dented and slightly detached bonnet, a shattered windscreen and a cotton bud holding up the number plate.

"Note the broken windscreen (it's been broken again since the last pink sticker), the custom jump-starter pack wedged into the front grill, the crumpled bonnet and last but not least the cotton bud that had been used to hold the number plate in place.

"Needless to say, his keys were taken from him and he will not be able to drive this vehicle again. And he was given lots of fines.

Don't be this guy."

Source- NZ Herald