Kiwi Man Suffers Extensive Burns After Running Through Flames To Save 3 Year Old

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 11:46AM

Carl Bradey lost everything he owns and suffered extensive burns over his body when he ran through flames to save a 3-year-old girl.

The Palmerston North man's Terrace End home burned down early on Friday the 13th last month in a blaze started by a candle.

Mr Bradey said he had arrived home from work about 12.30am and went to bed about 2.45am after a few beers.

"I then got woken up by my ex-partner's sister-in-law, yelling at us that the house was on fire."

The woman's 3-year-old daughter was asleep in a nearby room that flames were nearing.

"I just jumped out of bed and went to get her daughter out."

He did not think twice about running through flames to her room.

"Basically, it's just a little child, so I'd rather a little child is safe than me."

Once in her room, Mr Bradey had to smash a window, which resulted in him slicing his main artery in his arm, but was able to get her to safety.

He then crawled through the window himself and passed out in front of the property.

He was now staying with his mother Angalina Summers in Rotorua during his recovery.

Doctors were pleased with his healing progress, but more operations could be in his future, he said.

Mr Bradey's aunt Julie Woodley has set up a Givealittle page to help her nephew back on his feet.

She has hailed him as a hero who "acted fast and put his own life in danger to save a wee girl" in a devastating house fire.

"He sadly has lost everything he owns.

"He has a very long hard road of healing ahead of him and a long stay in hospital. Please if you can 'give a little' to help him, we can all put together and help to make his recovery and new start that little bit brighter."

Mr Bradey said the Givealittle page was "very helpful".


- Image/ Givealittle