Mark Lundy Jury Reaches Verdict: GUILTY

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 April 2015, 3:58PM

The jury on the Mark Lundy case has reached a unanimous decision that he is GUILTY of the murder of his wife and 7 year old daughter back in the year 2000.

They had continued deliberating again this morning, after they could not reach a unanimous verdict yesterday.

The High Court at Wellington has heard evidence over the past seven weeks as the Crown sought to prove the 56-year-old hacked to death his wife Christine and 7-year-old daughter Amber in August 2001.

Seven men and five women on the jury have been considering their decision since Monday afternoon.

Their deliberations were interrupted briefly yesterday to re-watch two pieces of video footage.

Justice Simon France ruled the contents of the film could not be published.

During his summing up he asked the jury to reach a unanimous decision on the case and said it would only be some time later he would accept a majority 11-1 verdict.


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