Mick Fanning's Terrifying Second Shark Encounter

Publish Date
Friday, 31 July 2015, 7:45AM

Mick Fanning was chased from the water by a shark on his first surf since last week's horrifying clash with a Great White in South Africa.

Fanning's courageous return to the water was captured by a 60 Minutes crew at Hastings Point in northeast NSW on Saturday.

Terrifying footage from a promotion for the program shows a panicked Fanning clambering onto a jet ski after spotting a large shark.

Once out of harm's way, an alarmed Fanning tells reporter Peter Stefanovic he has just spotted a shark.

"There he is, straight out there - I just saw it," Fanning says, visibly in shock.

On the same day Fanning returned to the waves, reports surfaced of a large shark threatening surfers at Snapper Rocks, Fanning's local beach.

Ballina beaches were also closed this week after four large sharks were spotted off the coast.

Fanning has announced he will resume competition at the next World Surf League event, the Billabong Pro in Tahiti, next month.

Source- NZ Herald