Nelson Mother Gives Birth After Finding Out She Was Pregnant Hours Before

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 8:09AM
Photo- Getty Images

Photo- Getty Images

A Nelson couple who unexpectedly had a baby just hours after finding out they would become parents, are blown away by the support from their community.

Proud parents to baby boy Carlo, Charlene Wells, 28, and her 31-year-old partner Eamon Parkes had no idea they would become parents until a pregnancy test came back positive last Thursday.

She was roughly 37 weeks pregnant and 12 hours later gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Ms Wells, a sous chef, complained of back pains the night before, on Wednesday, but she put it down to "being on her feet all day at work", Mr Parkes said.

However he said the unexpected mother was "up most of the night with back pain" that night.

"Char had researched through the night and thought she had kidney stones," he said.

When the pregnancy test came back positive the couple were overjoyed.

"I was over the moon. My first reaction was shock.

"You get a bit confused. Am I actually in a dream?" he said.

He said his partner hadn't showed any pregnancy symptoms.

"She didn't have any morning sickness.

"She gained a bit of weight but she hadn't been out biking like she normally does," he said.

However the proud new dad said the shock was wearing off.

"It's the best early Christmas present.

"Carlo is perfect," he gushed.

He said although the couple weren't planning on having children: "it was the best thing that's happened to us".

The couple have been overwhelmed by the support from their friends, family and the Nelson community.

"We've had people show up on our doorsteps, even strangers, who are offering to buy nappies, and clothing."

"We're very very thankful. It's a massive massive weight taken off our shoulders," he said.

Mr Parkes said the local community Facebook pages were a great help.

"People have rallied around to get stuff for us," he said.

He said he was "blown away" when the couple started receiving international media attention.

However the attention wasn't all positive.

"Some people are saying how did she not know?

"At the end of the day people are going to show interest."

But the positive feedback outweighed the negative, Mr Parkes said.

Before the couple found out about the pregnancy, they were given 90 days to move out of their house as the landlord was planning to sell the property.

This worried Mr Parkes, especially with the new addition to their family.

"Things get so close to Christmas. I hope we can find a place in our price range."