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Newlywed's hilarious reverse complaint to Jetstar

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016, 8:22AM

A newly married man who took Jetstar's Facebook page to say thanks rather than lay a complaint has discovered a little kindness goes a long way.

Jay Mancuso recently returned to Adelaide on a Jetstar plane from Bali where he married his wife, Catriona.

He took to the airline's social media to outline his experiences with them - including the seats with extra leg room they paid for being overbooked - and it seemed like he was making a complaint.

But although at first, he seemed unhappy, it eventually became clear he was praising the efforts of the flight host who sorted out the situation.

Their seats were changed but once they boarded, the host - identified only as Abbey - asked why they had been changed.

"I explained. Abbey then moved us to front row opposite and apologised profusely," he wrote.




"BUT! It didn't stop there. Abbey had the nerve to tell us that she was incredibly embarrassed about our mix up, gave us both a Jetstar comfort pack (love the toothbrush) and a warm little blanket for the journey.

"Wow, of all the insolence. Then, THEN just after take off, would you believe she continued her torrent of niceness, and told us to select a beverage and some food FREE of charge!!!!!"

"Landing in Adelaide at 6:00am she then still gave us a huge friendly smile and apologised once again.

"This is not the behaviour one expects when travelling with a low cost carrier and it must stop! I expect far less of your staff and I think Abbey needs a good talking to.

"So, in finishing. To dear Abbey, flight manager on board flight JQ128 ex DPS-ADL on Friday night the 25th November 2016, I salute you. Your customer service and attention to detail was exemplary.

"We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you turned our frowns upside down. Jetstar, give this girl a sticker of excellence."

After posting his heart-warming message which was 'liked' almost 800 times, Mr Mancuso got a reply from Jetstar.

'Mrs Jetstar' let him knew the airline and its staff appreciated kind feedback and even said the money he had paid for extra leg room would be refunded.

Although other people commented that the airline didn't respond so well when they received a complaint, Mr Mancuso thanked the airline again for the help.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Mr Mancuso for comment.

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