Shocking Video Shows Children Urging Driver To Flee Police

Publish Date
Tuesday, 30 June 2015, 2:51PM

A dramatic police chase video has surfaced online of a woman trying to outrun pursuing police cars while being egged on by children in the back seat.

The one minute, 32 second clip shows the woman driving a Honda through suburban New Zealand streets and being chased by police cars with flashing lights and sirens blaring.

Children are in the back seat shouting encouragement, pulling the fingers at police, and shouting abuse.

The driver toots her horn defiantly, overtakes police cars, and darts down side streets to try to avoid them.

The video ends with the pursuit ongoing.

Posted on Facebook yesterday, it has been viewed more than 5000 times and attracted 68 comments.

Most messages are damning of the driver's actions.

"What a good mother ffs what an idiot!!" one poster said.

Another said: "The ignorance shown here and not one of them saying to pull over but egging on the driver to go harder but said to slow down around corners and back at it again."