Strong quakes wakes up Canterbury

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 March 2017, 8:01AM

The Cheviot region has been hit by a second strong quake within hours.

The 5.2 earthquake caused strong shaking near Cheviot just after 8am.

It hit 20km southwest of Cheviot at a depth of 12km and has been desrcibed as causing strong, swaying.

"Had a real swaying feeling & went for a while," one person said on Facebook.

Within minutes nearly 1100 people had reported feeling it across the upper South Island.

GeoNet said the severe quake was part of the 7.8 Kaikoura aftershock sequence.

It followed a strong, shallow quake that struck Canterbury before dawn, jolting people awake across the South Island.

GeoNet says the first quake, magnitude 4.7, struck at 5.17am.

It was centred 20km southwest of Cheviot and just 9km deep.

Nearly 500 people from Christchurch to the Manawatu have reported feeling the tremor, and most were woken from their sleep.

Many have described it starting with a loud crack followed by a bed-shaking wobble.

Those closest to the quake's epicentre have posted on social media about the jolt.

Some are describing it as yet another setback after last year's Kaikoura 7.8 quake.

Waiau resident Jenny Holt posted on the GeoNet Facebook page: "My three kiddies terrified and crying in my bed now."

Jenna Wood wrote: "Heart racing. Stupid quakes bugger off! Felt in Woodend."

"Car shaking in Hornby felt as If was rolling," wrote Haydz Cranefield.

- NZ Herald