When Mia and Rozonno McGhee met in high school, they seemed to understand each other right away.

Both had to endure a lot in their youth. Mia was disowned as a teenager and Rozonno's mother struggled with drug addiction, so both knew what it was like to have to grow up early.

Yet, their hardships didn't stop when they tried to have children.

They tried for 10 years with discouraging results before deciding to see if fertility drugs could help them.

It turns out the drugs worked better than they expected.

Indeed, they found themselves having to prepare for six new arrivals. Rozonno has his own carpet and upholstery cleaning business, but Mia had to quit her job to care for the six babies.

They wondered how they could afford this family.

But no matter what happened, love would be their foundation. To express that love, they decided to have this adorable photo taken with little Rozonno Jr., Olivia, Madison, Elijah, Issac, and Josiah.

Yet, the family's luck started to change when that photo went viral.

It caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who invited them on her show. When they arrived, she gave them $250,000 in Wal-Mart credit and bankrolled Mia and Rozonno's belated honeymoon in Las Vegas.

That appearance inspired an outpouring of generosity. Soon, total strangers were donating diapers and offering to pay for car seats. Eventually, the McGhees had to turn people away.

Things only got better from there. The family ended up getting their own reality show called 6 Little McGhees.

It was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and followed the family as the children grew and the parents juggled their responsibilities.

Better yet, Rozonno saw his business expand and the McGhees could afford a larger house.

He said, "You’d be surprised what sextuplets can do for you — they really motivated me.”

Altogether, the kids were able to grow up perfectly happy and healthy.

To commemorate how their family had grown over the last six years, the McGhees wanted to do something special.

So they recreated their famous photo.