Mum drops 67kg, ditches cruel partner and finds new love

An obese mother has got the ultimate revenge on a cruel ex-boyfriend who bullied her because of her weight by losing 67kg.

Alvina Rayne's former partner called her a 'fat piece of garbage' when she reached her heaviest at 127kg but he tried to get back together with her after she 'put on some hotness'.

To cope with his nasty comments, Alvina, 32, ate 5,000 calories a day - including two fast food meals, two bowls of sugary cereal and snacks throughout the day.

The mother-of-two was so heavy that she was forced to buy men's clothes because women's items would not fit her.

But in 2009, Alvina, from Philadelphia, decided to end her unhealthy relationship with food and ditch her partner.

She switched to a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet and lost a whopping 67.9kg to prove him wrong.

Alvina said: 'I remember my ex telling me that if I left him "no one would want me" and that I was "worthless, ugly and would never lose the weight even if I tried."

Now she's had the last laugh by finding love again with her husband Sascha, 32.

'Now I'm happily married to a man who treats me like gold and loves me.'


Breakfast: two large bowls of fruit loops with full fat milk
Snacks: sandwiches, chips, fizzy drinks
Lunch: Taco Bell chalupas, Quesadillas with a side of cheese or Burger King double whopper and fries
Dinner: Taco Bell meal or donuts, bagel with cream, deep fried chicken and other convenience food
Dessert: ice cream, M&Ms, or a bowl of cereal

Breakfast: eggs with a little salt and garlic seasoning with bulletproof coffee and coconut oil
Snacks: soaked almonds or berries
Lunch: spaghetti squash with grilled chicken
Dinner: salad with steak and mushrooms
Dessert: keto cheesecake or keto ice cream


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