This 22-year-old Swedish girl looks SO much like Adele we've had to double take.

Ellinor Helborg had been told by so many people that she bears a striking resemblance to the Hello singer that she decided to get creative on Instagram.

Ellinor addresses that fact that she has come up against some stick for her uncanny look. Clarifying that she's flattered to look so similar to Adele, she said: "I do not strive to look like her, or anyone else. I am my own person...I have my own face and I look like me. If you think I look like a certain person that's fine, but arguing about who I do or do not look like is pointless. Telling me or other people in the comments I don't look like Adele means nothing, because that is not who I am trying to be. I am my own person."

She purposely did her hair and make up like Adele, and the results are uncanny! We can barely tell which is which...