Portable Wind Turbine Gives You Power On-The-Go

Back in 2014, Janulus, a Minnesota-based company launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money and bring an amazing idea to life. The Kickstarter met it’s funding goal in just one day! And we can see why…

They have created the “Trinity”; a second generation, waterproof, portable wind turbine that allows you to generate power on-the-go! According to Janulus, the largest model has the ability to charge an electric car.  

Agust Agustsson, Vice President of Janulus, spoke with Cleantechnica stating “We saw so much potential, so many ways a product like this could branch out…People are getting more power hungry when it comes to their smart phones. Trinity is very light weight, so you can carry it with you as a reserve battery wherever you are.” Agustsson even carries one around in his backpack!