Glasgow photographer Neil Thomas Douglas was stunned to come face to face with his doppelganger when he boarded a Ryanair flight to Galway, in Ireland, early yesterday morning (NZT).

"There was a dude already on my seat. When the guy looked up, I thought 'he looks like me'."

Douglas described the encounter as "total weirdness", but the pair quickly made light of the situation, the BBC reported.

"Everyone around us had a laugh, we took a selfie and that was it."

The doppelganger selfie was posted on Twitter and has been retweeted thousands of times.

And it seemed the pair were destined to get to know each other better - they later checked into the same Galway hotel.

"Later that night, I went to the pub and again, there was my twin. Total weirdness. We had a laugh and a pint."

These photos show exactly how insanely alike they look!

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