A Kiwi hair stylist reveals their BIGGEST professional peeves

Publish Date
Wednesday, 21 March 2018, 1:30PM

It turns out there are some BIG no-no’s when it comes to getting your haircut.

Martin – a Kiwi hair stylist – revealed to Sarah Sam & Toni the top five worst things a client can do at a hair appointment.

So if you want to make sure your hairdresser doesn’t “accidentally” chop too much off the top, then read these professional pet peeves they have very carefully.

5. The Mover Client

This person is constantly fidgeting on their phone, looking around the room or wanting to rummage through their bag, instead of sitting still and letting the hairdresser do their job. If you don’t want to lose an eye to some scissors it's best you try to keep still during your appointment.

4. The Indecisive Client

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you want when it comes to getting your hair cut. But often if you haven’t decided on a style before walking through the door, having an excessively long consultation won’t change that. So if you want to try something new then be bold, and don’t umm and errr for 30mintues.

3. The Wannabe Client

While bringing in examples of a particular hairstyle you want can be helpful to get your vision across, bringing in a million different photos of Beyonce won’t turn you into Queen B. Martin’s advice? Cover up the celeb’s face and focus on the hairstyle!

2. The Corrector Client

If you’re a perfectionist it can be hard to bite your tongue when it comes to getting your haircut. But hairdressers are professionals. They know what they’re doing. So have a little trust and stop interrupting every two seconds ... Unless they grab the thinning scissors that is ...

1. The Late Client

According to Martin, there is nothing worse than a late client. It’s never polite to show up late, and for a hairdresser, it means that every other client they have after you will have to wait too! How unfair is that? So try showing up on time, or even a little early and enjoy the complimentary tea.