Dame Valerie Adams reveals why competing in the Olympics was so important for her as a mum

Dame Valerie Adams not only competed in her fifth Olympics in Tokyo, but she won the bronze medal for shot put - the fourth Olympic medal of her career.

Talking with Laura McGoldrick on The Hits 3pm Pick Up after her enormous achievement Valerie revealed that winning the bronze and competing again meant so much more to her than winning gold since welcoming her two children Kimoana and Kepaleli.

"It hasn’t been the easiest road," the 36-year-old athlete said about rebuilding her body after becoming a mum, "but throughout this journey and I really want to continue to inspire female athletes."

Valerie opened up about the reality that there was a time when female athletes were afraid to have children because of what it might have meant for their careers.

But Valerie knew that family was "super important" to her and she didn’t want to "miss the boat" on starting a family.

Thankfully, since having her children Valerie has been supported by her family and the federation to allow her to make the sacrifices to continue her athletic career - and go on to return to the Olympics and win again.

"I’ve been very very lucky in the fact that my federation has supported me, has put their trust in me, and to continue to help me make this work," she said. "My husband was [also] very supportive in this dream and this journey I was vying to do."

"I’m so grateful to have my two little miracle babies but beyond that, I’m super grateful to have this opportunity to put on my black singlet and compete as a mum and as an athlete of Aotearoa," she added.

"To represent every single female out there and give courage and also inspire younger girls coming through that girls can do anything."

So inspiring! 

Watch Dame Valerie Adam’s full interview with Laura McGoldrick above.

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- Bang! Showbiz, additional reporting by The Hits