Heated debate erupts about the best way to store your towels: Do you fold or roll?

A furious debate sparked online after an Australian mum asked what she thought was a simple question: How do you fold your towels?

She provided two options on social media, option A which saw the towels folded into a flat rectangle or option B, which showed the towel folded into thirds.

However, many people were quick to point out an option C that the mum hadn’t considered: rolling the towel.

Laura McGoldrick decided to see what Kiwis had to say about this contentious debate.

Many listeners called and text in to share their views, and a lot explained that they in fact roll their towels, with some stating they find it more aesthetically pleasing and others adding that it is a big space saver in the laundry cupboard.

However, Laura wasn’t so sure, suggesting that folding was the much simpler option, but after being challenged to try it out, she says she'll definitely give it a go at home.

So, are you a folder or a roller?

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