Kiwis reveal the hilarious things they did when they were absolutely exhausted ...

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We've all had moments when we knew we were a little more than overtired ...

Like leaving the car keys in the fridge, or forgetting what you were about to say mid-sentence ... 

These Kiwis have anonymously admitted to some of the hilarious things they did when they were exhausted and overdue for a nap.

Can you relate to any of these?

Breakfast blunders ...

"I was so tired I scraped the chopped up dog roll into my muesli instead of the chopped up fruit!"

"You know you are tired when you pour your coffee on your Weet-Bix ..."

"This morning my husband tried to make a cup of tea in a breakfast bowl. He's tired."

"You go to pour your smoothie into a cup and the cup's upside down. It went everywhere ..."

Work worries ...

"I knew I was tired when I turned up to work and felt a breeze down below. It turns out I hadn't put my undies on and I was wearing a skirt. Oops!"

"You know you're tired when you go to work on a Saturday and you don't even work that day."

"You know you're tired when you wear two different shoes to work. I didn't notice until someone pointed it out!"

Car calamities ... 

"I was so tired I went in and paid for my petrol at the gas station then drove off without actually filling up! I didn't realise till about 10kms down the road when I wondered why my fuel light was still on!"

"You know you are tired when you reverse out of the garage in the morning and hit your husband's car that was parked in front of the garage."

"When you drive past your own house and don't realise until a km down the road."

"You know you're tired when you jump into the passenger seat instead of the driver's seat."

"When my little girl was tiny, I was at the supermarket and putting the bags into the boot. I then got into the car and reversed into the trolley! A friend of mine did a similar thing. She got all the family into the car and then reversed into the garage door... she had forgotten to open it!"

Major mix-ups ...

"Yesterday after brushing my teeth I threw my brush outside the window instead of back in the cup! So tired I didn't even realise until I saw it was gone when I got home."

"You know you're tired when your baby wakes in the night and instead of trying to settle the baby you try to settle and breastfeed a pillow."

"You know you're tired when you dial numbers into what you think is your phone, put it up to your ear and wonder why there is no ringtone ... And it turns out to be the TV remote and you've been changing the channels!"

"You know you're tired when you spend a good 15 minutes looking your glasses and they were on your head the whole time!"

"My tired Aunt had police turn up ... she had been trying everything with the remote to turn to CHANNEL 1 ... but was somehow using a handheld landline - not the TV remote!"

"When my friend was tired she went on her phone and messaged her mum saying 'mum I can't find my phone' and her mum was like 'oh. so what did you just message me on?'"

"I've used the air freshener for hair spray, and my mum, bless her, picked up the iron instead of the phone. Ouch!"

"You know you're tired when you lock your house key and car keys inside the house and your husband has to drive 20mins across town to open the front door for you."

"You know you're tired when you spray deodorant in your hair instead of dry shampoo!"

"Instead of testing the baby formula on my arm I tasted it!"

"I used my blue bottle of nail polish remover instead of my blue bottle of eye makeup remover to take off my makeup. It wasn't good."