Kiwis reveal the most annoying things their neighbours do

Publish Date
Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 3:00PM

We’re supposed to "love thy neighbour" … but more often than not, they can drive us absolutely bonkers!

Sarah Gandy experienced some bad neighbour behaviour this week after her neighbour decided it would be a great idea to start mowing the lawn after dark.

Ugh ...

And it seems she's not alone, several Hits listeners let us know about their nightmare neighbours.

One woman described how her neighbour liked to keep bees on his property, which would then swarm over to her house in the summer, while another confessed how she lost has her entire backyard after her neighbour's thoughtless actions.

Others text in sharing their experiences:

"My neighbours own a karaoke machine!" one disgruntled listener said, "and let me just say, they do not have good singing voices …"

"Our neighbours have band practice on Monday nights which goes until about 10pm. It’s right outside my daughter’s bedroom,” an annoyed parent explained.

Another added: "Our neighbour screams at us because our lamb bleats. We live in the country."

One listener even revealed that they could hear their neighbours doing the deed.

"It even woke me up one night. I can’t look them in the eye when 'chatting and passing'," they said.