Kiwis share their best tips for getting kids used to Day Light Saving with Laura

We hate to break it to you, but Daylight Saving is coming up this weekend.

That's right, the clocks are going to be pushed an hour forward, meaning it's going to be lighter in the evening for longer ... which is great news for more people, but always a tricky situation for parents with young kids who need to go to sleep!

Thankfully some clever Kiwi parents have shared their best tips and tricks with Laura for helping our little ones get used to the disruption to the sleep schedule that comes with Daylight Saving Time.

Many parents suggested slowly changing your child's bedtime slowly across the week leading up to Daylight Saving was the biggest tip.

"Move the time slowly ie 10 mins a night or if they are a bit older by 30 min a night. Or just decide to live 1 hour different to the world of 6 months. The only real tip is not to stress. It’s really not worth it," one parent wrote.

Another added: "The week leading up change the bedtime by 15mins each day….and wine if that doesn’t work."

One pro tip was to make your child's room as dark as possible so they're not kept up by the light outside.

"Blackout curtains are key," one parent noted.

Another wrote: "What I did with my children was a week leading up to daylight savings I would put them to bed 30 mins earlier a week out from daylight savings. Come daylight savings it was like nothing had changed & the blackout curtains are key."

"Move bedtime 10mins earlier each night a few nights ahead plus blackout blinds and white noise! Life savers," another mum wrote.

One Kiwi mum even suggested a sleep trainer called a Gro-Clock, which glows blue when it's time to sleep and yellow when it's time to wake up!

"Gro-Clocks are the BEST. They are life-changing. Thank me later," they wrote.

And others pointed out that at the end of the day it was important to just roll with the punches and try not to stress too much.

"Relax! Go with the flow! I stressed too much ... Just try creep bedtime by 15 mins each night!" a parent suggested.

"Honestly try and keep with your normal routine as much as you can and if possible. If they go to bed a few minutes late it is okay," another wise mum added. "Most importantly don't worry and stress. Take care everyone and remember you all are just amazing!! "

Will you give some of these tips a try during Daylight Saving?

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