Laura McGoldrick discovers nursery rhyme she sang to her daughter is actually incredibly creepy

Who knew a nursery rhyme for kids about a ladybug couple be so creepy?

While singing to her darling daughter Harley after spotting a little ladybug Laura McGoldrick started singing the sweet song she remembered from her childhood …

"Ladybird, ladybird fly away home," Laura sang to her daughter.

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My baby girl 💖

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However, as she kept singing it turned out the rhyme wasn’t quite as sweet as she remembered!

"Your house is on fire and your children are gone," the next line went.

After that Laura stopped singing the strange song to her daughter and went to investigate what the lyrics were - and it turned out the next line was even weirder.

"All except one, and her name is Ann, And she hid under the frying pan!"

Um, what?!

"Why would anyone say that to any children? That’s terrible!" a shocked Laura said.

Talk about creepy!!

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