Laura reveals how contacting a murderer almost led to her divorce

Publish Date
Wednesday, 26 September 2018, 2:41PM

Netflix can catch the best of us the best of us off guard and lead to a lot of wasted hours.

This morning Laura admitted that the hit show 'Making A Murderer' took up a fair portion of her life before her baby arrived, and she's not proud of it. 

"I got so into it, and I mean SO into it that I was watching it in the car while Guppy was driving," she admitted.

"It was very embarrassing - I can't believe that I'm admitting this on air," Laura added. 

According to Laura it got so bad that even when they were driving through the Mt Victoria tunnel in Wellington she didn't even want to toot the horn as she was so infatuated with the show. 

After revealing that she got to interview the two main lawyers from the show, Laura explained that it was Brendon Dassey that she felt for after watching the show.


"I wrote him a letter to the jail, and I said 'congratulations, I watched it all and thought that you did a really good job,'" she said.

But it Guppy wasn't too keen on Laura sending that letter to Brendon, "And I swear that was the closest I've ever come to getting a divorce."

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