Piers Morgan tells Laura, Sam and Toni why Meghan Markle is full of 'rank hypocrisy'

It’s no secret that British broadcaster Piers Morgan isn’t Meghan Markle’s biggest fan.

Speaking with Laura, Sam and Toni on air, the Good Morning Britain host noted he was the wrong person to talk to for an unbiased opinion on the Duchess of Sussex.

"She’s not quite the angelic character that perhaps she would like people to think she is," Piers told The Hits crew.

"Unlike most members of the royal family who just do their duty, she’s clearly decided - and moved Harry to the same place, really - that they want to be the first 'woke' royals.

"They’re going to be very politically active and they’re going to be lecturing us on an almost daily basis about everything from overusing social media to overusing flying for example."

Piers was quick to remark on the "rank hypocrisy" the former Suits actress and her husband Prince Harry appear to be showing in their attempts to be socially conscious and active.

"My issue with that is not that they may not have a point," he continued. "The problem for the Royals is, they lead such extraordinarily privileged lives that if they try and be 'woke' and virtue signalling and attach themselves to every issue going, they're going to run into the problem that Meghan Markle and Harry have run into.

"Which is that there is just rank hypocrisy left right and centre and that will annoy the public.

"I think that their huge goodwill and support they built up right up until the wedding I think has unfortunately in the last year taken a bit of a dent and they’ve only got themselves to blame."

Piers also believes that Meghan perhaps regrets joining to Royal family as the position may not have been what she first thought it was.

"I think she sees herself as a sort of Angelina Jolie character, going around the world, changing the world and making it all a better place," he said. "But that doesn’t work if you’re a member of the Royal family, because the Royal family are financed by the public and therefore they become in a sense pubic property.

"I don’t think Meghan Markle understands that. I think she still thinks she’s still a big celebrity actress."

Pierce fears that Meghan has been dragging a once "happy-go-lucky" Harry down too.

"Meghan, at the moment, doesn’t get the deal and I think, unfortunately, she’s taking Harry with her.

"Harry seems to be more and more looking like he’s not having a good time in life," Piers continued. "This is a happy-go-lucky, cheerful young chap who everybody loved and now he looks completely miserable and making all these ridiculous sermons about how to change our lives and how we should all be better people."

"It's like, Harry, wind your neck in, mate, just go back to being the nice, fun Harry we liked, turn up at events, shake people’s hands say some nice stuff and just leave it like that.

"Go back to Vegas and play naked billiards once a month," he joked.

Watch Piers Morgan's interview with Laura, Sam and Toni above.