Sarah Sam & Toni play Divorce Bingo: The signs your relationship is doomed

Publish Date
Monday, 19 March 2018, 1:30PM

No one wants their relationship to end in divorce.

But according to science, there are a few things that mean your marriage is more likely to be at risk of heading that way.


Based on this, Sam decided to play a few rounds of 'Divorce Bingo' with Toni and Sarah. If they got three out of the five traits it was a sign that their relationships were doomed!

Watch above to see how they did ...

Here are the five signs your marriage could be heading for divorce:

1. If you got married in your teens or after the age of 32

Research has suggested that those who marry in their teens or after their mid-30s have a greater risk for divorce than those who tied the knot in their late 20s and early 30s.

2. Having a husband who doesn't work full-time

In heterosexual marriages, men who did not work full time had a 3.3 per cent chance of getting divorced, while men who did have a full-time job only had a 2.5 per cent chance. However, the employment status of wives didn't affect the couple's risk of divorce. 

3. If you or your spouse didn't finish high school

Research has indicated that those who didn't make it through school are at a high risk of spitting. This is due to those who don't go on to higher education are more likely to be on a lower income and therefore suffer more financial strain in their relationship.


4. If you feel contempt for your partner and see them as 'beneath you'

Psychologist John Gottman has described contempt as the "kiss of death" for your relationship, as it triggers other behaviours - criticism, defensiveness and stonewalling - that essentially sign the divorce papers for you and your partner. In his study, the marriages of couples who showed these behaviours ended in divorce 97 per cent of the time.

5. Being overly affectionate as newlywed

According to researcher Aviva Patz, "couples whose marriages begin in romantic bliss are particularly divorce-prone because such intensity is hard to maintain. Believe it or not, marriages that start out with less 'Hollywood romance' usually have more promising futures."