The embarrassing moment Sam Wallace's partner got caught 'out' after breastfeeding

Being a parent is an exhausting job, especially while your baby is breastfeeding ... and that can lead to some rather embarrassing situations.

Sam Wallace revealed one of those moments, unfortunately, happened for his partner Sarah aka 'Bow-bow' when she went to answer the door for a courier after feeding their baby boy Brando.

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That little face.

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After signing for the parcel, and having a quick chat, Sarah returned into the living room and it was at that point Sam realised "she's done the entire transaction with the boob out of the maternity latch".

"She's signed for a parcel with a nip out," Sam added.

Poor Sarah!

Don't worry, Bow-bow, you're not the first mum to have done this ... and we're sure you won't be the last.