The embarrassing moment Toni Street’s daughter busted in on her in the shower … while on FaceTime!

Toni Street admits that she is close with her family …

… But not THIS close!

While her youngest daughter, three-year-old Mackenzie was chatting to get grandmother on FaceTime, Toni Street decided to nip into the bathroom to have a quick shower.

Before jumping in she took out her contact lens, leaving her as blind as a bat.

The next thing she knew little Mickie walks into the shower and turns the phone around towards her.

"At this stage, I don’t know what she’s doing on the phone," Toni explained on air. "So I crouch down with my little Milhouse blind eyes to see what she’s showing me … and it’s my dad."

"It is my dad staring back at me. I am 100 per cent naked in the shower."

Of course, this left both Toni and her father absolutely mortified and they haven’t spoken about it since.