MINI: Breast Feeding Awareness Week - Amy Wray

Publish Date
Wednesday, 4 August 2021, 2:03PM

A wahine Māori and mother of five is launching a breastfeeding app in a bid to help other māmā have greater access to resources and raise healthy babies.

Amy Wray is a lactation consultant and midwife who has specialised in breastfeeding for much of her career.

After being inspired by her own mother who was also a midwife and lactation consultant, Wray recognised a need for other mothers to have access to resources that could help and guide them on their motherhood journey.

Driven by her passion to help others, Wray created the app Māmā Aroha in collaboration with Hāpai te Hauora, the New Zealand Breastfeeding Association, Mokopuna Ora and Kiwa Digital.

Wray said it was an online resource filled with aroha which she wanted to be simple and informative for mothers across Aotearoa who are going through a process she knows all too well.

It aims to normalise breastfeeding and provide support networks for other mothers.

"It's about reclaiming that knowledge space and giving it back to whānau and their hands and empowering them.

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