Toni Street reveals how her daughters reacted to their baby brother's arrival

Publish Date
Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 11:30AM

Toni Street has been on maternity leave looking after her newborn baby boy.

Today the mother of three caught up with Sarah Gandy, Sam Wallace and Laura McGoldrick to let us all know how little Lachie is doing.

"He’s such a little angel baby so far," Toni happily explained, "he is my easiest baby."

"He’s amazing, he’s cruisey, he is very calm and there’s no drama like the girls so far and he’s just doted on."

Toni also revealed that his two older sisters, Mackenzie, 3, and Juliette, 5, absolutely love him and despite her concerns before his arrival, there is absolutely no jealousy among them.

"I thought Mackenzie would be a bit jealous but she’s just the opposite," Toni said.

"She just smothers him with love. A couple of times she’s had him in a semi-headlock – which is her adoration – and I’ve had to say 'Micky, you can’t do that he’s got a bit of a floppy neck' but apart from that, they’re really good."

And big sister Juliette also loves to dote on her baby brother, who was born via surrogate last month.

"Juliette took him to school last week and showed him off [and she is] so, so, proud. There hasn’t been jealousy like I expected there would be – so far so good," Toni added.

And they aren't the only ones totally smitten with Lachie!

The newborn's surrogate and Godmother Sophie Braggins took to Instagram to share how proud she is of him.

"My darling Godson. So proud of him already," she wrote.

We are so glad to hear that everything is going so well for Lachie and the whole family!