Toni Street reveals 'super' exciting news about her baby boy Lachie ... just in time for Christmas!

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018, 11:30AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

It’s official! Toni Street’s baby boy is finally hers.

Earlier this year baby Lachie was born via surrogate Sophie Braggins, and while the adorable little lad was the biological son of Toni and her husband Matt, he needed to be legally adopted by them.

And today that finally happened when Toni, Matt and Lachie went before a judge to have everything approved legally.

Sharing the momentous occasion on Instagram, Toni wrote that this has been the "best Christmas gift ever":

"Super special day for our family ... Lachlan Stephen France has had his morning in court and is now legally our son! Big thank you to Judge Druce & our lawyer Zandra Wackenier for being so warm and making the process less daunting ... but most of all thank you Sophie Braggins and Michael Braggins for this precious gift #bestchristmasgiftever."

In October Toni revealed that she was not the 5-month-old’s mother on his birth certificate and how that experience has been quite weird for her, as Lachie is very much their son.

Congratulations Toni, Matt and Lachie! We are so happy for you all.