What teachers had to say about Toni's 5-year-old will make you giggle

Publish Date
Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 1:30PM

Toni Street revealed that she had experienced a parenting first after attending her 5-year-old daughter's first Parent-Teacher conference.

And what did the teacher have to say about young Juliette?

"I came away with a little sentence about my daughter," Toni explained on air this morning.

"The teacher told me: 'a couple of times I've had to remind Juliette that I am the teacher in charge and she is not'".

She continued later that the teacher had also noted that her daughter wasn't "deliberately naughty".

How cute! 

Listeners also called in and shared some of their own teacher interview comments, one revealing a teacher had said they "only went to school to eat lunch".

Sam Wallace's mum Judy even messaged in to share his report card, revealing that he drove teachers "mad".

"He talked too much, he drove them mad, but they loved him," Judy wrote.

Good on ya Sammy!