Why Toni Street is freaking out about having a THIRD baby

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 12:00PM

Having one baby is challenging, having two can be tricky ... but having THREE is a whole 'nother story!

And that has just dawned on Toni Street, who is expecting her third child this August.

Toni revealed last month that she is having a baby boy via surrogate thanks to her best friend Sophie Braggins and says that although this child is very wanted and already very loved, she can't help but have a tiny freak out about his arrival.

Listen to why Toni is freaking out about having her third child

"Anyone that is about to have a third child also knows that it is a terrifying prospect," Toni said on air this morning.

"You have these two kids, having kids is hard and then you say to yourself 'can we cope with a third?'

While I'm very excited about this child coming - the enormity of having THREE of the little things is dawning on me ..."

Listen to Flynny's 'advice' for Toni about having her third child

"My daughter is three in a couple of weeks - the youngest one - so I'm just starting to come into that phase where things are getting a little more manageable," she continued.

"Is this going to throw me back into turmoil, or is adding a third on just like 'well, you've already got a circus, just add one more monkey into the zoo'?"

Callers chimed in with their advice, including Flynny - who has four kids - who shared some words of wisdom.

And his advice to Toni? ... 

"You are absolutely screwed!"

Eep! Good luck Toni!