BBQ Breakup In A Car Crusher

Publish Date
Sunday, 6 September 2015, 7:40PM

This Father's Day, we teamed up with Fourth Element to give one Hawke's Bay Dad a brand new Broil King Barbeque worth $1800!   The catch was Dad would have to break up with his old barbie before he got the new one.

For weeks, daughters and sons from all over the Bay have been telling us horror stories about their Dad's cruddy old barbecue and how they would like to destroy it.

Throwing it off Te Mata Peak, loading it with explosive steaks, putting it on top of a bonfire and attacking it with a sledgehammer were just some of the ideas that came through, but the lucky winning entry came from 14-year-old Angala Kauri.  

Angala told us her Dad's BBQ was so old even the cockroaches wouldn't go near it (not entirely true as the video shows!) and that she would like to destroy it in a car crusher.  So with the help of Napier Auto Services, that's what we did....